Where to Get the Best Chocolate in Montréal

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Montréal is one of my favourite cities to visit. It has great scenery, culture, food, and it’s easy to get around. And if you find yourself craving some chocolate after all the walking and eating, the city has got you covered. There are delicious chocolates everywhere, including locally made delicacies available at the grocery stores. Whether you’re looking for a treat for yourself, or some souvenirs to brink back home with you, here are some places to consider:

Galerie au Chocolat

On the market since 1985, Galerie au Chocolat is a leading supplier of chocolate confections in North America. They have a wide variety of treats, including baking, fondue, drinking, and no sugar added chocolates. Their chocolates can be purchased online (they ship to Canada and the U.S.) and in stores across Canada.

Chocolats Privilège

As one of the first chocolates I tried in Montréal, Chocolats Privilège left a memorable impression on me. They have been around since 1995 and currently there are 6 locations around the city. You can find assorted chocolates, truffles, bars, ice cream, macarons, and more.

Chocolats Favoris

First opened in 1979 just in Québec City, now there are multiple locations in Canada and the U.S. In the 90s, they started selling ice cream cones dipped in their delicious chocolate, which widely increased their popularity. If you are in Montreal in the summer time, you must stop by one of their locations to get a cone! They also offer a large variety of other chocolatey products both online (they only ship within Canada) and in stores, including chocolate fondue in a can, a nice selection of unique chocolate bars such as s’more or cotton candy flavous, gift boxes, and more.

Joane L’heureux Chocolats

Located on 5180 Beaubien East, Joane L’Heureux Chocolats has been around since 2003. All products are made in store using only natural ingredients. You can find delicious assorted chocolates, truffles, bars, beautiful chocolate figurines, spreads, and more. If you live in Canada, you can also purchase some treats online.

Ètat de Choc

A cute boutique that specializes in bean-to-bar chocolates. They are located on 6466 Boulevard St-Laurent and have a very large selection of chocolate bars, lingots, chocolate cards, hot chocolate, spreads, gift boxes, and more. If you’re looking for some delicious souvenirs to bring back home with you, this is a good place to stop by. If you live within Canada, you can also shop online.

Lecavalier Petrone

Founded in 2015, Lecavalier Petrone is where chocolate, pastry, and design come together. The atelier is located at 2423 Centre St, where you can purchase assorted chocolates, bars, pastries, and cakes. You can also purchase the chocolates at multiple other locations.


Craft chocolates from bean-to-bar. Cocoa beans are hand-sourced from small organic farms, and to honour the beans, their dark chocolates only contain 2 ingredients. Avanaa is located on 309 Gounod. You can also purchase chocolate bars, teas, hot chocolates, marshmallows, and more online. They ship to Canada, U.S., and Europe.

Jeff de Bruges

Although this is a franchise, there are only two locations in Canada and they are both in Montréal. The locations are at: Centre Eaton de Montréal and Carrefour Industriel Alliance. Jeff de Bruges is the number 1 chocolate and ice cream franchise in France. If you visit the store you can find assorted chocolates, bars, figurines, ice cream, and other small treats. You can also purchase a large selection of chocolates online, including choosing your own assorted chocolates (one of the very few places I could find that does that). They ship to Canada and the U.S.

Boutique Chocosina

This little chocolate shop is located at 406 St Sulpice St in Ville Marie, very close to Notre-Dame. They offer shipping to Canada and the U.S. You can buy truffles, bars, candy, gift boxes, and more.

Chocolats Geneviève Grandbois

All chocolates are hand-made in Montréal using traditional methods. There are 3 locations in the city. You can also shop online.

These have been my top places for chocolates in Montréal. Do you have anything to add to this list? Let me know in the comments bellow.

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