The Best Modern Hostels in Copenhagen

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The Best Modern Hostels in Copenhagen
The Best Modern Hostels in Copenhagen

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When you think of budget travel you imagine having to sacrifice comfort and privacy. Especially when it comes to budget travel to expensive cities like Copenhagen. But what if I told you that’s not always the case? In fact, Copenhagen is home to some amazing hostels where you can have both privacy and socializing, plus some amazing amenities.

So if you’re interested in comfort and style at an affordable price, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, I’ll share with you some of the best modern hostels in Copenhagen. And if you’re planning a budget trip to Copenhagen, check out this article to see how much money you’ll need.

So What’s so Special About Copenhagen Hostels?

Well for once, design. Copenhagen (along with the other Scandinavian cities) is well known for stunning, minimalist design. And this extends to the hostels too.

It’s not only young people staying at hostels in this city. Most hostels offer both shared and private rooms. This means that lots of people who would otherwise choose a hotel, might stay at a hostel to save some money. So if you think you are too old for hostels, not in Copenhagen.

The Best Modern Hostels in Copenhagen

If you’re in a rush, here’s a summary of the best modern hostels in Copenhagen:

Woodah Boutique Hostel– near train station
– cozy, with a maximum of 24 guests
check availability
Steel House Copenhagen– has an indoor swimming pool
– pod-shaped beds
check availability
CityHub Copenhagen– pod capsules with large beds
– enough space to stand in the pod
check availability
Danhostel Copenhagen City & Apartments– has rooms with 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, single beds
– pets and children welcome
check availability
Next House Copenhagen– pod-shaped beds
– 5 bars and eateries on the premises
check availability
Motel One Copenhagen– beautifully decorated
– spacious rooms for the money
check availability
Sleepcph– self-service check in
– free luggage storage facilities
check availability here and here
Zoku Copenhagen– unique loft layout
– has rooftop and co-working spaces
check availability
The Best Modern Hostels in Copenhagen

Woodah Boutique Hostel

The Best Modern Hostels in Copenhagen: Woodah Boutique Hostel
Woodah Boutique Hostel via

Situated 5 minutes away from the Central Station in the Vesterbro neighborhood is Woodah Boutique Hostel. This sustainable family-owned property features minimalist Japanese-Scandi design.

As one of the smallest modern hostels in Copenhagen only a maximum of 24 guests can be accommodated at Woodah at any given time. Thus this may be the place for you if you’re looking to have a tranquil stay on a budget.

Buffet breakfast is always included, and it is vegan friendly. Additionally, luggage storage and complementary refreshments are also included with every booking. However, Woodah Boutique Hostel requires a minimum 2 night stay. Thus it’s not the best place if you just want to crash for one night before catching a train.

The different types of accommodation available are:

  • Single pod
  • Superior pod that is double in size and volume

The sleeping arrangements are pod-shaped, with a curtain that covers the opening. They also include lights and electrical outlets.

What guests are saying:

“It was such a lovely hostel, so cozy and clean. The staff was very welcoming and friendly, they made my stay in the city even more pleasant. Would definitely recommend staying here.”

Monica, Italy – via

Unlike other hostels, Woodah Boutique Hostel offers guests towels, toiletries, and hair driers at no additional costs. There is also AC throughout the property, which is not very common at this price point.

There are rooms of 4 and 10 capsules, a lounge were you can work and enjoy breakfast, a café, and a bar where you can enjoy Japanese foods, drinks, and Danish pastries. Plus there is an outdoor sitting area.

Starting at around 50 EUR (55 USD) per night, the prices at Woodah Boutique Hostel are on par with capsule hotels/ hostels in other major cities.

I would say Woodah Boutique Hostel is a great choice for someone who has never stayed at a hostel before, as well as those looking for all-inclusive accommodation on a budget.

Steel House Copenhagen

Steel House Copenhagen
Steel House Copenhagen via

Do you fancy a private room with a balcony? You can have it at Steel House Copenhagen. How about an affordable bunk bed in a hostel with an indoor swimming pool? You can have that too. In fact, this property has some of the best and most modern amenities in town, which is why it’s one of my favorite modern hostels in Copenhagen.

You won’t find another property with a swimming pool at this price point. Even expensive hotels are unlikely to have one.

Situated in the city center within walking distance to Tivoli Gardens, Steel House Copenhagen prides itself as being Copenhagen’s luxury hostel. The property and its amenities are sleek, comfortable, and functional.

The room types include:

  • single room with single bed
  • twin room with two single beds
  • double room with double bed
  • quadruple room with 4 bunk beds
  • family room with 6 bunk beds
  • bed in 4-bed mixed dormitory room
  • bed in 4-bed female dormitory room
  • bed in 6-bed mixed dormitory room
  • bed in 6-bed female dormitory room

Every room has its own private bathroom that you only share with the people in that room. Furthermore, the bunkbeds are shaped like pods with curtains that can cover the opening. That way you can have maximum privacy when you’re in your pod.

The hostel sits on a little street next to a school, so the area is very quiet at night.

What guests are saying:

“- great hostel

– great room (4-bed-dorm with bathroom), enough space for luggage

– clean

– bed was very comfortable

– common area had a lot of places to sit and work

– hostel has a great size, it didn’t feel like it was swamped by people

– location”

Lucy, Austria – via

There is a gym, a bar with indoor and outdoor sitting, games room, lounge, cinema room, laundry room, TV room, and more.

With prices starting as low as 25 USD per night for one bed in a shared dormitory room, Steel House Copenhagen is a fantastic value for money.

However, you have to pay a small daily fee (around 3 USD per day) if you wish to use the shared kitchen, as a well as a small fee (around 3 USD for 2 hours) if you want to use the swimming pool. These fees are actually very reasonable for Copenhagen.

Steel House Copenhagen makes an ideal choice for those on a budget looking to save some money without sacrificing comfort, privacy, or socializing, and those who are long term travellers and need a place with laundry facilities. It also makes a good choice for those travelling in groups. Additionally, young couples and families on a budget may also enjoy staying here.

CityHub Copenhagen

The Best Modern Hostels in Copenhagen: CityHub Copenhagen
CityHub Copenhagen via

One of the most modern hostels, CityHub Copenhagen is like a walk-in capsule hotel. However, unlike a traditional hostel, everything is pretty luxurious here. From hypoallergenic organic cotton bedding to high end toiletries. In addition, the property offers self check-in 24/7, so regardless of how late you arrive, you can always get in.

Every pod contains a double bed and an entry space tall enough for standing, and where you can store your luggage and change out of your clothes. As you can see from the picture, there are two pods that are stacked like Tetris: one with the bed on top and one with the bed on the bottom. The pods are air conditioned and soundproofed so you don’t have to worry if your neighbor shuffles or snores at night.

The pods available are:

  • Hub with a double bed
  • Twin hub with twin beds (more like twin mattresses side by side; there isn’t much space in between them)
  • Hub XL that can sleep up to 4 people in 4 bunkbeds, with private bathroom

All guests have access to sauna free of charge. In addition there are free towels, a kimono, toiletries, and hair dryers in the bathrooms. If you need slippers, there is a vending machine where you can purchase them.

All pods can be locked and are only accessible to those staying in them. Thus you can leave your luggage and important things in the pod. Additionally there is extra locker space to store you luggage before/ after checking in/ out.

What guests are saying:

“The pods are comfortable, creative, very clever, and have a low carbon footprint. I really enjoyed the sauna and the facilities were clean. I liked that they give bath robes and there’s a speaker you can connect your phone to. My daughter loved the space and the light changes.”

Paola, Czech Republic – via

On the premisses there is a little kitchenette with a fridge, microwave, and cutlery, but there is no stove for cooking. If you opt to pay for breakfast when booking, they will provide you with a token to use at one of their partner restaurants.

If you’re visiting Copenhagen with children keep in mind that only those over the age of 4 can stay at CityHub due to the shared facilities not being baby-appropriate.

Prices at CityHub Copenhagen are around 90-100 USD per pod per night, depending on season and length of stay. If you’re travelling with another person, it comes to just about 50 USD per person, which is quite reasonable.

A unique thing that CityHub offers is an app where you can chat with a local guide and ask for suggestions 24/7. Additionally, there is the possibility for longer term stays, starting at around 900 USD per person per month. Having lived (and rented) in Copenhagen, I can assure you this is a steal!

Overall, I would recommend CityHub Copenhagen to friends and couples who don’t mind sharing a bathroom with others.

Danhostel Copenhagen City & Apartments

Danhostel Copenhagen City & Apartments
Danhostel Copenhagen City & Apartments via

This modern and sustainable property is a hostel-apartment hybrid concept. You may be happy to learn that Danhostel Copenhagen City & Apartments has taken many steps to reduce its climate footprint including installing water sensors in the showers and even offering bugs at the breakfast buffet for those feeling a little adventurous.

Located in the heart of the city, Danhostel Copenhagen City & Apartments is close to Tivoli Gardens and Strøget. They offer a mix of dormitory rooms, private rooms, and apartments. The hostel part is on the lower levels, while the private rooms and apartments are on the upper levels.

Here are the different dwellings:

  • One bunkbed in mixed dormitory room
  • One bunkbed in mixed dormitory room with city view
  • Standard twin room with two single beds
  • Standard+ twin room with two single beds
  • Standard triple room with three bunkbeds
  • Standard+ triple room with three bunkbeds
  • Standard 4 bed room with 2 single beds and 2 bunkbeds
  • Standard+ 4 bed room with 2 single beds and 2 bunkbeds
  • Standard 6 bed room with 2 single beds and 4 bunkbeds
  • Standard+ 6 bed room with 2 single beds and 4 bunkbeds
  • Standard 8 bed room with 2 single beds and 6 bunkbeds
  • Standard+ 8 bed room with 2 single beds and 6 bunkbeds
  • Studio apartment for up to four people with one double bed and one sofa bed
  • Superior apartment with two bedrooms and two large double beds

Rooms have private bathrooms that you only share with those in your room. They also have lockers for your luggage, but you need to bring or rent a lock. Sheets and towels are included, but you need to bring your own shampoo.

If you’re staying in a dormitory room, keep in mind that you have to make your own bed upon arrival, which may not be ideal if you’re arriving late at night.

What guests are saying:

“The hostel was clean and had a nice view. It is modern, it has a bar on the ground floor and a game room on the lower floor. You can also rent umbrellas.”

Ardit, United Kingdom – via

There is also a guest kitchen you can use during your stay, children’s playroom, TV room, laundry room, and a bar. The property also features a café and bar where you can get something to eat and drink, but sadly, there is no gym.

Both rooms and apartments are spacious, with minimalist, modern furnishings. The apartments feature large-sized private kitchens complete with all essentials.

Dogs are allowed for an extra daily fee, however only in the private rooms. You cannot stay with a dog in the dorms or apartments. Additionally, dogs can only sleep in the dog bed provided, and can only be left alone for short periods while you’re having breakfast.

Depending on the season, you’re looking at 250-400 USD per night to rent an apartment for four people. However a bunkbed in a mixed dormitory starts at around 30 USD. This is affordable but in my opinion Steel House Copenhagen is a better deal and has more amenities on the premises.

Danhostel Copenhagen City & Apartments makes a perfect choice for families with multiple children and groups of up to 8 people. It is also an affordable choice for those looking to stay longer than a few days.

Next House Copenhagen

Next House Copenhagen
Next House Copenhagen via

Another great option for those interested in modern hostels with plenty of amenities is Next House Copenhagen. Here, they pride themselves in being an eco friendly luxury hostel right in the heart of Copenhagen where you can both relax and socialize.

The decor throughout is sleek and functional. These are the different room types you can choose from:

  • Bed in 6 bed female only dormitory
  • Bed in 6 bed mixed dormitory
  • Bed in 4 bed female only dormitory
  • Bed in 4 bed mixed dormitory
  • Double room with one double bed
  • Quadruple room with 4 bunkbeds
  • Family room with 6 bunkbeds

This is another property where the bunkbeds are shaped like pods, which is ideal for those looking for privacy. Additionally, all rooms have private bathrooms that are only accessible to the people staying in those rooms. You also have toiletries, hairdryers, and towels. Dormitory rooms also have lockers, but you need to bring (or buy) a lock.

The amenities include 5 bars and eateries, rooftop, lounges, sports arena, game room, gym, comedy/ live music venue, yoga studio, cinema room, laundry room, and bike rentals. There is also a shared kitchen you can make use of for the one time payment of around 3 USD. The kitchen is fully equipped and you can actually cook.

What guests are saying:

“This is a hostel like no other. Such a peaceful, happy vibe! A range of guests – backpackers to lawyers – solo travellers to young families to retirees. Really positive energy. LOTS to do including a gym and a great pizza buffet!”

Jane, United Kingdom – via

A nice amenity that Next House Copenhagen also provides are bathrooms with showers on the main floor. If the bathroom in your room is occupied or if you want to take a shower after checking-out, you can use the bathing facilities in the lobby.

This hostel has a maximum length of stay of 14 consecutive nights, thus it may not be the choice for you if you wish to visit Copenhagen for longer than 2 weeks. Additionally dogs are not allowed except for service dogs in private rooms only.

The pice is just under 30 USD per night for a bed in a 6 bed dormitory, which is very reasonable given all the amenities available. A private double room for two can cost under 100 USD depending on season.

Overall I’d say Next House Copenhagen is a perfect choice for anyone, especially those looking to socialize during their trip and make use of all the amenities.

Motel One Copenhagen

Motel One Copenhagen
Motel One Copenhagen via

Although it’s more like an affordable hotel than a hostel, Motel One Copenhagen is a very modern property that offers comfort and privacy at affordable prices. The location is perfect, right in the heart of Copenhagen, close to the City Hall and Tivoli Gardens.

Rooms are not too small, comfortable enough for most guests to walk around. Every room has colorful, hypoallergenic bedding, and modern furnishings. Here are the available room types:

  • Cosy one for one with a single bed
  • Cosy one for two with a double bed
  • The one with a double bed and slightly larger
  • Special one with a double bed and slightly larger
  • Copenhagen special with a double bed and seating area

All rooms have their own private bathroom, and either a single or double bed. The larger rooms also feature a bathtub, which are quire rare in Scandinavian bathrooms. In addition, all rooms have hairdryers, toiletries and free wifi.

However, none of the rooms have two single beds. So if you’re staying with someone, make sure you’re both comfortable sharing the bed. Additionally, there are no kettles or coffee makers in the rooms.

What guests are saying:

“The hotel was in an excellent location close to the main shopping area, Tivoli Gardens, museums and other important landmarks. It was also stylish, clean and comfortable with very friendly staff. The fact that the breakfast buffet was made up of many organic foodstuffs was very impressive and we loved hearing the local clock strike the time. We also enjoyed having French doors which we opened for fresh cooling air.”

Amber, United Kingdom – via

Motel One Copenhagen welcomes small pets, but you have to contact them in advance. All children under the age of 6 can stay for free with the parents. One child 7-12 can stay for free with (only) one parent.

Sadly, there is no gym or restaurant on the premises. But there is a bar, a café and a snack bar. Bicycles are available to rent for an additional fee.

Depending on the season you’re visiting, prices can start around 120 USD per person, and 150-300 USD for two people.

I’d say Motel One Copenhagen is best suited for a young couple or two close friends. Additionally, business people may also enjoy staying here thanks to the central location.


Sleepcph via

This innovative self-service hotel is one of the few properties that has an automated check in process. You receive a code and check in when it’s most convenient for you. If you arrive early, you can make use of the free luggage storage facilities. As soon as the room is ready, you’ll receive a message.

Located on the Island of Amager, about 10 minutes away from Christianshavn, Sleepcph is one of the most versatile modern hostels in Copenhagen. Tucked away on a quiet residential area, the property offers both rooms and apartments for short and long term stays.

Here are the different room types:

  • Hotel rooms with shared bathrooms and shared kitchen
  • Hotel rooms with private bathrooms and shared kitchen
  • Apartments with private bathrooms and kitchen

All rooms come with either double or single beds, up to four single beds per room. There is only one apartment with a separate bedroom, the rest of them are studio apartments. All apartments come with double beds. All the rooms are very spacious, which is rare in Copenhagen. You could even do yoga or a light workout if you wanted.

In addition, all rooms have a desk, clothes rack, and towels. Only apartments have coffee makers. Guests staying in rooms can access coffee makers and kettles are in the shared kitchen.

What guests are saying:

“Self-Check-In was easy and worked without any problems. Area and hotel were quiet, the bed was comfortable. Amager Strandparken can be reached by bike in only 5 to 10 minutes. In front of the hotel there is a lot of space for bikes. Common areas are nicely designed and have a welcoming atmosphere.”

Mathias, Germany – via

Pets are not allowed at this property, but if you’re travelling with a baby they can provide a cot for free. However you need to bring your own bedding for the cot.

Although there are common lounging areas, there are no planned events at this property. Additionally, they do not serve breakfast, so you either have to prepare it yourself or eat out.

There is no gym or restaurant on the premises, but there are shared lounging areas/ TV rooms, mini market and laundry facilities.

Price-wise, this property is a great deal for some travelers. If you’re booking well in advance and going as a group of 4, you can expect to spend as little as 50 USD per person per night. And if you’re renting an apartment for two, you can expect to spend a little over 200 USD per night.

Overall, I’d say Sleepcph is best suited for a group of friends on a budget, a family with young children and a couple/ two friends looking to stay longer than a few days.

Zoku Copenhagen

Zoku Copenhagen
Zoku Copenhagen via

Not exactly a hostel, but Zoku Copenhagen is a very modern type of accommodation nonetheless. This apartment-hotel hybrid space is situated just 2 km outside the city center. You can easily take the nearby public transit, bicycle, or even walk (around 15-20 minutes) to the city.

This chain of properties was started recently to cater to cater to the growing community of travelling professionals, digital nomads, and remote workers.

The Copenhagen location consists of 160 lofts, most of them having a lofted bed. Here are the room types available:

  • Zoku room features a double bed for 1-2, sitting area, and desk
  • Zoku loft features a double bed for 1-2, living & dining area, and kitchenette
  • Zoku loft XL is similar to the loft but bigger
  • Zoku loft XXL is suitable for up to 4 people and has 2 double beds in addition to everything loft and loft XL have
  • Zoku movie room features a movie projector & large screen, kitchenette, and a little dining area

All rooms have a private bathroom, TV, coffee station and kettle, and desk. It is quite rare to have a coffee maker in your room at this price point. In addition, Zoku Copenhagen has AC throughout the property, as well as sound proofed rooms. But only the rooms with a kitchen have a fridge.

Keep in mind that cleaning takes place every three days instead of daily as you’d expect from a traditional hotel. Additionally, there are no single beds.

What guests are saying:

“The whole experience is wonderful: The building, the furnishing, the innovative room design (they call them “lofts” because there is a hidden staircase that leads up to the bed); the reception area on the top floor with the light flooding in and all the plants, the restaurant, the lounge area… I just loved it.”

Peter, Belgium – via

Furthermore, the property also features some nice facilities. There is a rooftop, common living room, bar, restaurant, co-working spaces, meeting room, and events space. All facilities are open to the guests at all hours of the day and night.

On the premisses you will also find cleaning supplies and vacuum cleaners, kitchen utensils, launderette, and a little store.

You can expect to spend around 200 USD for two people per night. This is an amazing deal for rooms with kitchenettes in Copenhagen. And if two adults are staying in a room with kitchenette for a full month, the price comes to around 143 USD per night, which is more affordable than renting an apartment.

Zoku Copenhagen is an ideal choice for those looking to stay longer than a few days, as well as families and those looking to get some work done on their trip.

These have been the best modern hostels in Copenhagen. Have you stayed in any interesting hostels?

If you found this article useful, bookmark the page for later.

Safe travels!

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