Review of the Copenhagen Card

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Review of the Copenhagen Card, is it Worth It
Review of the Copenhagen Card, is it Worth It

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Have you looked into visiting Copenhagen recently? Then you might have come across references to the Copenhagen Card. But what exactly does it entail, and is it a wise investment for your upcoming trip? In this article I will provide a comprehensive review of the Copenhagen Card, addressing all questions you may have and helping you decide whether it’s a worthy investment for you.

Review of the Copenhagen Card

What is the Copenhagen Card?

In short, the Copenhagen Card is a pass that gives you access to 40-80 attractions across the city and surroundings, plus a mode of transportation. It was designed to simplify your travel experience, as well as offer you a discount. The card is valid anywhere from 24 to 120 hours depending on the option you choose.

Please note: as of 2023, the Copenhagen Card is 100% digital and you will need a smartphone with access to the app store. Once you activate the card, internet connection is not necessary. But don’t activate it before you’re ready to use it!

What are the different types of the Copenhagen Card?

The card comes in two main options: the green Copenhagen Discover, and the white Copenhagen Hop. Here’s how they compare:

Green Copenhagen Discover Card

  • access to over 80 attractions
  • you can take two kids under 12 for free
  • access to all public transit in Copenhagen and surroundings

White Copenhagen Hop Card

  • access to over 40 attractions
  • you can take two kids under 12 for free
  • access to hop-on hop-off buses in Copenhagen only

The pricing between the two cards is similar, but the differences are not.

The white Copenhagen Hop gives you access to fewer attractions, all of which are located in the city. But you can use the hop-on hop-off buses for transportation. Jump on and off as many times as you want while your card is active. All three lines operated by Stromma are included with your card.

Beware: at the time of your visit there may be other hop-on hop-off buses operated by companies other than Stromma. The white Copenhagen Hop card only gives you access to the Stromma buses. Look at the logo on the bus before you attempt to get onboard.

The benefit of the hop-on hop-off buses is that they come with audio guides, and they are a convenient way to get around the city. If you’re pressed for time, these buses can be a great way to see as much as possible. Additionally, the buses are also a comfortable way to go sightseeing when the weather is less than ideal.

On the other hand, the green Green Copenhagen Discover card gives you access to more attractions. Some of which are located outside of the city. Plus you can use the public transit anywhere from zones 1 to 99. This means you can visit attractions such as the Kronborg Castle, which is located nearly 50 km outside of Copenhagen. Additionally, you can also use this card to get to and from the airport.

Having said that, both cards give you access to the major attractions in the city. Some of these include:

  • Tivoli Gardens
  • Christiansborg Palace
  • Copenhagen Zoo
  • Design Museum
  • SMK
  • Glyptoteket
  • Canal Tours
  • Rosenborg Castle
  • The National Museum
  • Cisternerne
  • Solve a Mystery
  • Amalienborg Palace

There are plenty of attractions appropriate for guests of all ages regardless of the card you choose.

How Much does the Copenhagen Card Cost?

As previously mentioned, both the Discover and the Hop cards are priced similarly.

Beware the cards are priced in local Danish currency, and due to varying exchange rates, the price at the time you purchase it may fluctuate a little from the prices bellow.

24 hour48 hour72 hour96 hour120 hour
Green Discover Adult Card69 USD102 USD126 USD147 USD165 USD
Green Discover Junior Card38 USD56 USD68 USD80 USD88 USD
White Hop Adult Card71 USD104 USD128 USDNANA
White Hop Junior Card40 USD58 USD70 USDNANA

Up to two children aged 3-11 can join for free with the purchase of one adult card, however you need to download the free kids card(s) for them.

For children aged 12-15 you need to purchase a junior card, everyone 16 and over needs an adult card.

How does the Copenhagen Card Work?

As previously mentioned, this is a fully digital card. The first step is to buy it online, then shortly after you will receive a confirmation email with a booking reference number. Then you can download the Copenhagen Card app.

When you are ready to start using the card, you can input the reference number to activate it. But remember that time starts counting down from the moment you active the card so make sure not to activate it in advance.

If you buy the Green Copenhagen Card with access to public transit and plan on using the public transit to get to your hotel, you can activate the card once you land at the airport. The card has to be activated for you to use the public transit or else you risk getting a fine.

When using the public transit, you only need to show the card to the bus driver when boarding a bus. Otherwise you don’t need to tap or scan the card when using other public modes of transportation. However you have to present the card to ticket inspectors when asked.

When visiting attractions, you have to wait in line and get your card scanned. Sadly there is no fast lane for Copenhagen Card holders. Additionally, there are no re-entries allowed. Once you leave an attraction you cannot go back in there with the same Copenhagen Card. There is no option to forego an entry at one attraction for two entries at another attraction. However you can enter any attraction right before the card is set to expire, and stay there as long as you want. Furthermore, you can also enter as many attractions as you want in a single day. There is no limit.

In the app you can see all the attractions you have access to, as well as a map, and the nearest public transit stops. In addition to navigation, you can also use the map to see what attractions are near you.

Who is it for?

  • Travellers with a plan. As long as you have an itinerary and stick to the schedule, you can really get the most out of your card and see some savings.
  • Those who wish to see as much as possible. If you are on your first trip to Copenhagen, if you have only 1-3 days in Copenhagen before/ after a cruise.
  • Culture enthusiasts. Most attractions included in the Copenhagen Card are museums or art exhibitions. Thus you should have some interest in arts and culture to get the most of the card.
  • Thos who don’t want to deal with foreign methods of payment. Using your credit card abroad can be quite expensive at times, but using cash in Denmark is a thing of the past. With the Copenhagen Card you don’t have to worry about making multiple payments and incurring multiple credit card fees.

Who is it NOT for?

  • Those who travel without a plan. If you like to go with the flow, and see where the wind takes you, buying the Copenhagen Card may cost you more money.
  • Travellers who wish to fully experience 1-2 museums. If you are interested in 1-2 particular attractions and plan to spend most of your time there, the Copenhagen Card is likely not for you.
  • Outdoorsy people. There are just a few outdoors adventures included with the card. So if you plan on spending most of your time outside, you might be better off just buying individual tickets to those attractions.
  • Slow travellers. If you’re travelling with someone who needs multiple stops at the hotel for nap breaks, then you won’t be able to make the most out of this card. It will be cheaper to just buy individual tickets.
  • Students and youth. In many places such as the Rosenborg Castle, those under the age of 18 can enter for free. At most other attractions (except for Tivoli Gardens) those under 26 or those with valid student ID can buy discounted tickets. Buying an adult Copenhagen Card may not be best suited for a 17 year old student for instance.
  • Those on a very tight budget. If you’re on a very tight budget, there are plenty of attractions you can experience for free (see my guide to free things to do in Copenhagen).

Which One Should You Buy?

Now you know the major differences between the white and the green cards. But which one is best for you? That will depend on a few factors:

  • Your ease of mobility. The white Hop card can be the best option for those with limited mobility and families with little children. There are hop-on hop-off bus stops in front of most major attractions. On the other hand, public transit stops will require some walking to get to the attractions.
  • The weather during your trip. If you’re visiting Copenhagen in the off season, the weather may be quite cold and rainy. On those days, sightseeing from a hop-on hop-off bus can be quite comfortable.
  • What you want to see. Only the green Discover card gives you access to attractions that are out of the city such a Louisiana Museum, Frederiksborg Castle, the Maritime Museum, and more.

Is the Copenhagen Card Worth it?

To summarize, yes the Copenhagen Card is worth it, but its value greatly depends on how well you plan in advance. To make the most out of your card, you must be committed to seeing at least two attractions per day. However, that is not too difficult.

For instance, you could easily start the day with a a canal tour, then make your way to the Rosenborg Castle. Pre-book your time slot as the castle is quite small, however you can easily see all if it in under 2 hours. Then go across the street to the SMK Museum and finally, spend the second half of the day at Tivoli Gardens. Entry to these attractions alone will cost an adult 76 USD. And if you add transportation costs, you’re looking at spending well over 80 USD. At 69 and 71 USD both of the 24 hour Copenhagen Cards offer a discount.

As you can see, as long as you are willing to build an itinerary and stick with it, the Copenhagen Card could potentially save you hundreds of dollars. And the savings are even greater with the 48 hour+ cards.

So if you’re looking to make the most out of your next trip, get your Copenhagen Card now.

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