How Expensive is Copenhagen for Tourists?

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Are you planning a trip to Scandinavia’s most popular city? Are you wondering how expensive is Copenhagen for tourists? The answer may surprise you!

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How Expensive is Copenhagen for Tourists?
How Expensive is Copenhagen for Tourists?

As someone who has lived in Copenhagen, one of the most common things I hear is that Copenhagen is too expensive to visit. While it is not the cheapest place, it isn’t as expensive as you’d think. If you’re on a tight budget, you can get by on as little as 50 USD per day! You won’t be indulging in luxury and you will have to share a hostel room with others, but it will be affordable. And if you’d rather have your own private room, that too is possible without breaking the bank. Keep on reading for a more detailed cost breakdown.

I have divided the article into three categories:


Low Budget

The cheapest options available, expect to spend between 50-100 USD per person per day.

Medium Budget

Affordable comfort, expect to spend between 85-250 USD per person per day.

High Budget

Luxury first and price second, expect to spend 250+ USD per person per day.

Having said that, here is how the costs break down per category:


Here’s how 50-100 USD per person per day is broken down between the different categories:

Accommodation: 35-50 USD per day

According to you can find a shared dorm room for as little as 31 USD per night if booked in advance. However, I would budget 35-40 USD per night. And if you want breakfast to be included, expect to pay around 45 USD per night. I would recommend you select the breakfast option if you have a big appetite in the mornings. You’re not going to find a meal with coffee/ tea in the city for 5 USD.

Some tips for saving money on accommodation include booking in advance and staying for a longer duration. If you book for at least a week, you’re more likely to find accommodation for around 30 USD per night without breakfast (or around 35-37 USD per night with breakfast).

Additionally, if you travel with a friend or as a group (of up to 4) you can share a budget hotel room for a similar price as a shared hostel room.

Dining: 15-30 USD per day

Eating at sit-down restaurants can be too pricy for someone on a tight budget. However, fast food options are more affordable and of significantly higher quality compared to other countries. A burger costs between 4 USD at a large fast food chain like McDonald’s to 12 USD at a gourmet fast food restaurant such as Gasoline Grill. A cappuccino or latte can cost 5-7 USD.

That being said, your best and cheapest dining options can be found at grocery stores, or through Too Good to Go. See my Affordable Eats in Copenhagen article for more info on this.

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Discount grocery stores like Netto have salads and sandwiched for under 5 USD. And if you’re willing to pay a little bit extra (0.5-1 USD) you can find a much larger selection of ready-to-eat meals and snacks at 7-Eleven. Many locals and tourists shop there as they have fresh and tasty food items.

Tip: If you don’t have a large appetite in the mornings but still want to eat something, you can buy a couple pastries from the grocery store for under 5 USD and eat them for breakfast.

Experiences: 0-10 USD per day

Experiences don’t have to cost you anything. Copenhagen is a very beautiful city and there are plenty of things you can do and see for free. There are some museums that are always free, as well as free days at selected museums, where you’d otherwise have to buy a ticket for. Some of my free favourite activities include: picnic at King’s Garden, photographing the colourful streets, watching the change of the guard, and enjoying the Botanical Garden. If you’re visiting during the summer you can also go swimming for free in the canals.

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Some paid but affordable things to do include: visiting The Round Tower (6 USD per adult), renting a bicycle and going to the beach (15-20 USD per day), catch an opera or ballet show (16 USD for a back gallery ticket).

Shopping: 10 USD per day

Those of you travelling on little money probably aren’t interested in shopping. However, If you wish to buy some souvenirs there are a couple affordable things you could find. The first ones are snacks. My favourites are Toms Skildpadder and the cost around 5 USD for a small box. These are chocolate turtles filled with rum and caramel cream. Other things include cookies and candy, and they can also be found for affordable prices at grocery stores.

Non-snack souvenirs can be found for affordable prices at stores like Flying Tiger. Here you can find all sorts of cute and quirky stationery, home decor, games, accessories, and more.


This is what 85-250 USD per person per day could get you in Copenhagen:

Accommodation: 35-130 USD per day

To enjoy some privacy but still save some money, you may opt to stay at a discount hotel such as Wakeup Copenhagen (there are three locations in the city). I stayed at the location near Nyhavn and I found it to be quite comfortable. The rooms are small but have everything you need. You can expect to spend as little as 70 USD for a standard room, suitable for 1-2 people. If you are travelling as a couple (or friends) this works out to 35 USD per person. Breakfast buffet is available for an extra 14 USD per person.

Note: They have rooms for 1-4 people, so if you are there as a group you may end up paying the same or even less than you would at a hostel. And you have more privacy and peace of mind when leaving your things there during the day.

Dining: 30-60 USD per day

With a higher budget, you can afford to eat at sit-down restaurants during your stay, but they won’t be formal, upscale restaurants. Expect to spend around 25-40 USD for a meal at a casual bistro, 15-20 USD for a slice of cake and coffee/ tea, and around 5 USD for a pastry from the bakery.

I recommend going to Conditori La Glace at least once during your visit. This is Denmark’s oldest patisserie, dating back to 1870! They have a large selection of sweets, including cakes by the slice. Once slice costs just under 10 USD. This may seem a bit pricy but it’s worth it. I tried a couple of their options and everything was delicious. Slices are quite large and if you’re travelling with someone you may as well share a slice and save some money.

Other options for dining are food markets. They are very popular in Copenhagen and you can find a variety of local and international cuisine, as well as sweets and alcoholic drinks. You can expect to spend around 30 USD for 2-3 dishes. You can read more about food markets here.

Experiences: 10-30 USD per day

When it comes to things to do, Copenhagen can be quite friendly on your budget. A ticket at a museum costs around 18 USD, a canal tour is 15 USD, and a sightseeing bus tour is 30 USD for a ticket that is valid 72 hours. Entrance at Tivoli (Copenhagen’s most popular attraction) starts at 21 USD per adult and a ticket for Friday night rock concert is 32 USD. Considering there are also plenty of free things to do, you won’t be breaking the bank having fun in Copenhagen.

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Shopping: 10-30 USD per day

Since Denmark has high sales taxes, I would not recommend buying anything you can also find at home. However, If you’re looking to purchase Danish items/ souvenirs, there are some options. For clothing and accessories I recommend brands such as by Malene Birger. They can be found at Magasin du Nord and sometimes they even go on sale. For homeware, you can pop into Royal Copenhagen. You can expect to spend around 100 USD per item, which may be affordable if you only buy one thing during the trip.

Other, less expensive, items you could buy are snacks. For locally made gourmet chocolate I like Summerbird. You can get a box for 30+ USD depending on size. For a modern twist on traditional Danish cookies and mini cakes you can visit Leckerbaer. A box of 9 small cakes is 37 USD and a small bag of cookies starts at 5 USD. I discovered this bakery by accident on Instagram before going to Copenhagen and I’m glad I did because everything I tried from them has been delicious. Check with your customs if you’re allowed to bring food items as Leckerbaer makes a great place to buy delectable, edible souvenirs.


This is how you may be able to spend 250+ USD per person per day in Copenhagen:

Accommodation: 75+ USD per day

For a four star hotel room you can expect to pay around 150 USD per night to stay in a standard room. This comes to 75 USD per person if travelling as a two. However, for a deluxe suite prices may go as high as 1 400 USD per night!

Dining: 100+ USD per day

You can expect to spend around 60 USD for a main course at a nice restaurant such as Marchal located in Hotel D’Angleterre. Wine is extra and can cost more than the meal itself. The restaurants along Nyhavn are also similarly priced. If the scope of your visit to Copenhagen is fine dining, you’ll be pleased to learn there are 14 Michelin Star restaurants in the city and surroundings. Be aware they require you book a table in advance, sometimes as far as 6 months prior to your visit! They also require full or partial payment at the time of your reservation. To learn more, see my guide to the Michelin Star restaurants.

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Experiences: 50+ USD per day

Aside from sightseeing, museums, and parks, you can also opt to take a private/ semi private tour. These include: culinary tour (160 USD per person), day tour to Roskilde, Frederiksborg & Kronborg (155 USD per person), or even a day trip to nearby Sweden (140 USD).

Additionally, you could also pay a visit to the spa. Copenhagen is known for health and wellness and the spas here don’t disappoint. Alsik Nordic Spa & Wellness is Denmark’s largest spa and offers over 60 different experiences. Aire Ancient Baths are located in the former Carlsberg factory, and CopenHot gives you the option to cruise the Copenhagen Canals in a spa boat. Expect to spend 200+ USD for a spa experience.

Shopping: 50+ USD per day

If money is not you problem, there is no shortage of shopping opportunities in Copenhagen. Department stores like Illum have a large selection of luxury items that include both international and Scandinavian designers. In addition, Strøget is a pedestrian only street lined with all sorts of stores, restaurants, and bakeries. You will also find designer stores like Moncler, Louis Vuitton, and Hermès, all located within steps of each other.

To summarize, you can expect to spend between 50 to 250+ USD per day on your trip to Copenhagen. I hope this has answered your questions regarding how expensive Copenhagen is for tourists.

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