Guide to the Michelin Star Restaurants in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Guide to the Michelin Star Restaurants in Copenhagen, Denmark
Michelin Star Restaurants in Copenhagen

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If fine dining is your jam, Copenhagen might be the perfect destination for you. As of 2021, there are 23 Michelin Stars awarded to 14 restaurants in a city of just over 1.3 million people. If you wish to take a trip dedicated to trying as many of Copenhagen’s Michelin star restaurants, make sure to book everything well in advance. Some of these restaurants will require booking 6 months in advance. In addition, make sure you have the means to pay as meals at these restaurants can cost more than 600 USD per person for a full menu with wine pairing! Due to limited capacity and high demand, you will also have to pay a deposit when booking a table. Sometimes the deposit is a portion of the meal price (which gets deducted from the final price), other times you have to pay for the full menu when booking the reservation.

Here are the 14 Michelin star restaurants:


Copenhagen has two restaurants with three stars and they are:


Noma is the restaurant that put Copenhagen (and Denmark) on the culinary map. Since its opening in 2003 Noma has been voted the best restaurant in the world 4 times! After being closed for a year, Noma 2.0 opened in 2018 in a slightly different location from the original (but still within walking distance).

If you’re not familiar with restaurants like Noma, you may be in for a surprise. The menu is set by the chefs and there are multiple small dishes. You cannot order one specific item as you do with other restaurants. As a result, the price is the same for everyone. Food menu costs 2 900 DKK (450 USD), wine pairing is 1 800 (280 USD) and juice pairing is 1 00 DKK (155 USD) per person. Dishes are made with seasonal, local ingredients and follow a theme. There are three annual themes as follows: January-beginning of summer fish and shellfish are the focus, summer showcases vegetables, while fall is about game. When booking you table you have to pay for the full menu. For more information visit the website.


Geranium has a minimalist elegant Scandinavian ambiance with seasonal, local menu. In 2021 it was named the second best restaurant in the world. As with Noma, Geranium has a set menu with multiple dishes, and dining here lasts at least 2 hours.

You can have both lunch and dinner and the prices range from 1 800 DKK (275 USD) and 2 800 DKK (425 USD) per person. There are non alcoholic pairing for an extra 1 000 DKK (155 USD) and wine pairings for up to 16 000 DKK (2 450 USD) extra. When you decide to book a reservation you have to pay 1 500 DKK (230 USD) deposit per person. Geranium is open for diner everyday from 18:00 to 23:00 and for lunch Thursday-Saturday from 11:30-15:30. For more information visit their website.


There are five restaurants in Copenhagen that have been awarded two Michelin Stars.


A cosy restaurant with a seating capacity for 40-60 people, Restaurant AOC strives to offer a multi sensory experience by stimulating sight, smell, sound and taste. Prices are similar to Noma at 2 500 DKK (380 USD) for the menu, 1 200 DKK (185 USD) to 2 500 DKK (380 USD) for wine pairing and 650 DKK (100 USD) to 850 DKK (130 USD) for juice pairing. You can expect 7-10 dishes. Nordic ingredients are the focus of each dish at Restaurant AOC. Reservations need to be booked in advance and require 1 000 DKK (155 USD) deposit per person. The restaurant in open from 18:30-00:00 from Thursday-Saturday.


Originally opened on the island of Bornholm, Kadeau added a second location in Copenhagen in 2011. They serve new Nordic cuisine with influences from the island of Bornholm. Other than that, they don’t share the menu in advance so you are truly in for a surprise. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere with a view of a peaceful courtyard, making it easy to enjoy your meals. Food menu costs 2 600 DKK (400 USD), wine pairing 1 800 DKK (275 USD) and non-alcoholic pairing 950 DKK (145 USD). Reservations require a deposit of 900 DKK (140 USD) per guest.


Perhaps the most interesting restaurant in the world, the Alchemist focuses on holistic cuisine. When dining here, you will immerse yourself in gastronomy, theatre, art, technology, science, and design. The moment you sit down, you are transported to a different world, where you can dine under a dome of flickering lights. However, with spoons shaped like tongues and dishes served on eyeballs, Alchemist is not for the faint of heart.

The Alchemist received 2 Michelin Stars in 2020, after being open for less than one year! This is something that has never happened before to a restaurant in Denmark. As of 2021, they have kept both stars.

Food menu tickets must be purchased in advance, and drinks can be paid for at the end of your dining experience. You can only book for parties of 2-6 people and tickets cost 3 600 DKK (550 USD) per person. Although the most expensive on this list, the menu at the Alchemist provides 50 impressions and the experience can last up to 6 hours! The restaurant is open Wednesday-Saturday from 17:00-00:00.


Situated in the Gentofte municipality just to the northern suburbs of Copenhagen, Restaurant Jordnær is perhaps the most down to Earth restaurant on this list. The cuisine is Nordic with Japanese flare, and includes a lot of seafood dishes. They received their first Michelin Star in 2018, less than one year after opening, and the second in 2020. As of 2021, they retain both stars. The kitchen is led by chef Eric, who has three years of previous experience from Noma.

The food menu costs 2 700 DKK (415 USD). Unlike other restaurants, at Jordnær you can purchase a glass of whine instead of having to buy the whole bottle. The restaurant is open from Tuesday-Friday from 18:00-22:00. If you decide to dine here, try booking your table at least 5 months in advance.

Kong Hans Kælder

The first restaurant in Copenhagen to receive a Michelin Star back in 1983, which it kept ever since! As of 2021, the restaurant now has 2 stars. The cuisine is classic French, with traditional cooking a preparation methods. The menu is well balanced with dishes composed of seafood, dairy, meats, and vegetables. However it is subject to daily change based on season and availability. See the full menu here.

The location of Kong Hans Kælder is perfectly central, right next to Magasin du Nord. The price of the food menu is 1 700 DKK (260 USD), soon to be 1 900 DKK (290 USD) per person. The restaurant is open Wednesday-Saturday from 18:00-00:00. As with the other restaurants on this list, the dining experience can last a few hours.


When it comes to restaurants that have “only” one Michelin Star, there are seven of them in Copenhagen. They are:


A new arrival to the scene, restaurant Marchal received its Michelin Star in 2021. It is situated in the historic Hotel d’Angleterre, right across from the beautiful Kongens Nytorv square. Unlike the other restaurants on this list, Marchal has an à la carte menu, meaning you can order individual items off the menu. If you’re new to dining at Michelin Star restaurants, Marchal could be a great first visit.

The restaurant is open everyday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Cuisine is primarily Nordic with French influences. Prices range from around 30 USD for a salad to around 60 USD for sole or deer fillet, to over 500 USD for some caviar. While you should book a table in advance (especially for dinner), you don’t have to do it months in advance. Two weeks prior to your visit is good enough to guarantee you a table.


A cozy restaurant in the centre of the city, just steps away from King’s Garden. Kokkeriet features four annual menus for spring, summer, fall, and winter, all made with local, in-season ingredients. This is another great first option for those new to Michelin Star dining.

Restaurant Kokkeriet features multiple menus. In addition to the seasonal menus there are: pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan menus and tasting options. All menus are available as large menus for 1 200 DKK (185 USD) or small menus for 900 DKK (140 USD). In addition you can also order single items à la carte. More information about the menus can be found here. The restaurant is open Monday-Saturday from 17:00-00:00, and on on Saturdays it is also open for lunch from 12:00-16:00.

Formel B

Located in Frederiksberg, Formel B offers a set menu of 10-15 innovative dishes with classic French flare. In addition, there is a smaller, 5 course menu as well as the option to dine à la carte. All ingredients are in-season and sourced from local producers. To see the current menu offerings visit the website. The large menu is 1 100 DKK (170 USD) and the small menu 950 DKK (150 USD) per person. À la carte dishes are priced from 150 DKK (25 USD) to 300 DKK (50 USD) each. There are also cheeses and desserts, as well as wine pairings that can be purchased separately. Formel B is open Monday-Saturday from 17:30-00:00. The waiting list at Formel B is not as long as with other Michelin Star restaurants. If you’re visiting on a weekday during a less busy season, you may even be able to get in without a reservation. However, to guarantee a table and the time that suits you best, book a table at least 2 weeks prior to you visit.

Kiin Kiin

If you’re looking for an outstanding Asian meal, this is the place to visit. Kiin Kiin is the first Asian restaurant in Copenhagen and the only Thai restaurant outside of Thailand to win a Michelin Star. The cuisine is updated traditional Thai made with local Danish produce. There is a theatre menu composed of snacks and appetizers followed by a 4 course menu which costs 650 DKK (100 USD), as well as a tasting menu that costs 1 150 DKK (180 USD). The tasting menu starts with appetizers served in the lounge (lasts approximately 30 minutes), followed by an 8 course meal served at the table. For more information about individual dishes visit the website. Wine pairing costs 950 DKK (150 USD) and juice pairing costs 550 DKK (90 USD). Opening hours are Monday-Saturday for theatre menu 17:00 to be finished by 19:00, regular Menu 17:30 – 23:00 (the latest reservation 19:30).

Søllerød Kro

Located in an inn in the municipality of Søllerød, around 45 minutes north of Copenhagen, the restaurant offers down-to-Earth fine dining. In addition to its one Michelin Star, in 2018 Søllerød Kro was voted best restaurant in the Nordic countries. This is perhaps the most relaxing restaurant on this list, so if you are looking for a romantic date, Søllerød Kro could be your best option. The pricing is also very reasonable, similar to other, non-Michelin star restaurants in Denmark.

You can have both lunch and dinner, consisting of à la carte dining or signature 7 or 9 dish menu. The 9 dish menu costs 1 795 DKK (275 USD), while the 7 dish menu is 1 195 DKK (185 USD) per person. For lunch, there is an additional Kro menu which consists of a 2 course lunch for 445 DKK (70 USD) or a 3 course lunch for 545 DKK (85 USD). The cuisine is rich in seafood and locally sourced produce. Lunch is served Wednesday-Sunday from 12:00-17:00 (you must arrive before 13:30), and dinner on Wednesday-Saturday from 18:00-01:00 (arrive before 20:30). During December the restaurant in open daily, except for 23rd and 24th when it is closed for the holidays.


Located in the offbeat neighbourhood on Islands Brygge, restaurant Alouette is perhaps one of the most beautiful restaurant in Copenhagen. It “hides” in a quiet courtyard, it is furnished with modern rustic tables, and features large windows. Alouette has received its Michelin Star in 2019, less than one year after opening, which it has retained ever since. The kitchen is run by American chefs and dishes are inspired by the international cuisines present in USA as well as Danish culture. Aside from using seasonal ingredients, the cuisine at Alouette does not follow any fixed themes, so you are always in for a surprise.

The five course tasting menu costs 995 DKK (155 USD) and the full menu 1 845 DKK (285 USD) per person. Both menus come with additional wine pairing options. Reservations require a 395 DKK (65 USD) deposit per person. Opening hours are Thursday-Saturday from 17:15-00:00. Alouette is not as popular as Noma or The Alchemist, but it is still very popular. Try to book your table at least one month in advance.

The Samuel

The newest restaurant on this list, The Samuel received its Michelin Star in 2021, only four months after opening. It is located in an old villa from 1891 in the Hellerup suburb, just north of Copenhagen. The man behind the restaurant has previously received a Michelin Star for the now closed Clou restaurant. The cuisine at The Samuel is classic (mostly French, Spanish and Italian), but with a twist. You can order the menu for 2 000 DKK (310 USD) or the menu with wine pairing for 3 700 DKK (565 USD). You can expect dishes consisting of seafood, game, meat, cheese, and more. The menu can change daily (in big or small ways) depending on the ingredients available. Try to book a table at least 2-3 months prior to your visit. The Samuel is open Thursday-Sunday from 16:00-22:00.

Note: The DKK to USD conversions are subject to fluctuate based on current exchange rates. The prices in USD in this article have been rounded up, so when you pay for your actual meal, you may spend a little less than anticipated.

Practical Tips

  • When going for a meal at a Michelin Star restaurant, be prepared to pay in advance. In some cases you have to decide on the type of menu you want and pay for it in full when making the reservation. This means you cannot change your mind when arriving at the restaurant and order something else.
  • Since most of these restaurants serve multiple small dishes, you will likely spend up to 6 hours during your dining experience.
  • When booking your reservation, many restaurants will give you the option to inform them about any allergies you may have. Small substitutions can be made.
  • In European countries it is customary to pay for water. Don’t be surprised if you get charged extra for the water regardless is it is flat or sparkling.
  • In Denmark sometimes credit cards are subject to an additional surcharge (around 2.5%), so if you can pay by debit card.

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